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Terms of Use/Terms of Service

We know that agreeing to Terms of Use/Terms of Service is cumbersome and seems ridiculous at times. Like most websites today, we use fairly standard and straight-forward Terms of Use/Terms of Service language. We also pride ourselves on our ethics and high standards – across the board. We do not believe in trickery or gimmicks. That type of nonsense is why we have to use Terms of Use/Terms of Service in the first place. Frankly, we don’t like this part of the process much. However, the world we live in presently demands it. Ugh! That said…let’s get on with it…

These “Terms of Use/Terms of Service” are an agreement between YOU (herein referred to as “You” or “you”) and loveyourrabbit.com and janabrock.com, its administrators, managers and authors, and all other domain names that are directed to this website (herein referred to as “Love Your Rabbit” and/or “This Website”.  “We” means “You” and “This Website”). By using Terms of Use/Terms of Service and the information contained here, you indicate your agreement by clicking the Accept button putting a check in the Accept box, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use/Terms of Service. This Website agrees to these terms as well. This is a legally binding agreement. Please feel free to use This Website after you agree to these Terms of Use/Terms of Service. Thank you for being here. And…happy reading!

  1. You are at least 18 years of age. You must be at least 18 years old to access or view information and content on This Website.
  2. This Website agrees to provide you access to applicable and purchased information on This Website in accordance with these Terms of Use/Terms of Service. This Website has made every effort possible to ensure a pleasant, fair and overall positive experience with This Website and its contents.
  3. You agree to use This Website in a manner consistent with any and all applicable rules and regulations.
  4. You accept that This Website is provided on an “as is” and an “as available” basis.
  5. This Website can make no guarantees of content delivery or access failure based on internet availability, internet failure, Web browsing glitches, etc. Occasionally, This Website may be in a period of update, which may temporarily limit access to you. Repeated or ongoing access failures should be reported via email to This Website so that we can fix This Website’s issues as immediately as possible. This Website cannot be liable or responsible for internet, browsing or access failures occurring on your end.
  6. You agree that all articles and materials on This Website are for information only and are not substitutes for specific coaching, advice or other action by This Website or its affiliates or administrators. You agree that results are not guaranteed in any way. This Website’s content is for informational purposes only.
  7. Your access to and use of This Website can be terminated at any time for breach of use or other reasons by sending notice to the other party.
  8. For marketing purposes, This Website may collect, process and transmit data obtained from and about you in our online material or courses. Personal information is never shared by This Website without express permission from you. In this context, Data is not considered personal information. Data is also not an identifier of you or any specific person.
  9. You are only authorized to download one copy of the material on This Website on one computer for your personal, non-commercial use when access to do so is given to you by This Website or its authors and/or owners. You agree that you will not remove or in any way amend any trademark, copyright, or other proprietary notice or identifier associated with Inspiration Fanatic or its authors.
  10. Subject to the above, you may not modify, copy, distribute, republish or upload any of the material on This Website without express written permission by This Website, meaning you need our prior consent in writing. Resharing with 100% (full) credit on social media (to be sure, full credit must be given to This Website when resharing or posting articles and content from This Website) is acceptable. No intellectual property or other rights shall be transferred to you and no copyright infringement shall occur.
  11. In the TESTIMONIALS area of This Website, Love Your Rabbit reserves the right to correct grammatical errors, etc, to verbiage and comments submitted about the work here prior to posting. Unduly harsh, foul or explicit language and content will be deleted by owners, if submitted.
  12. This Website is not responsible for viruses, data backup or loss, or any computer or internet-related issues that may be caused as the result of providing this information and data. We have made every attempt to provide adequate security and host site protections on This Website.
  13. You hereby represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights in and to all Postings or Comments you provide and all material they contain and that such Postings shall not infringe any proprietary or other rights of third parties.
  14. At times, This Website will provide hypertext links to other sites that may be useful to you or our other Love Your Rabbit customers, donors and supporters. We provide these links for information purposes only. These links are not endorsements by us of any products or services in such sites. Inspiration Fanatic will accept no liability nor make any endorsement or approval of the same.
  15. The Terms of Use/Terms of Service contain the entire understanding between us with respect of Our Site and no representation, statement, inducement oral or written, not contained herein shall bind either of us.
  16. Should any part of the Terms of Use/Terms of Service be declared invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, this shall not affect the validity of any remaining portion and such remaining portion shall remain in full force and effect as if the invalid portion of the Terms of Use/Terms of Service had been eliminated.
  17. This Agreement is governed by all applicable laws without regard to principles of conflict of laws.
  18.  To the extent you have in any manner violated or threatened to violate Love Your Rabbit/This Website and/or its affiliates’ intellectual property rights, This Website and/or its administrators, owners and/or managers (and/or its affiliates, if any there be) may seek injunctive, legal remedies or other appropriate relief in any state or federal court in the State of Oregon and at the Federal level (whichever is applicable), where applicable and when applicable. You consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in such courts should infringements occur. In other words, do not attempt to steal or plagiarize any of the information on This Website. We take the act of plagiarism seriously. We respect your unique abilities, writing and professional content on your site or in every day life. We appreciate that same professional respect in return.
  19. We encourage sharing or resharing This Website’s public blogged articles and blog posts with credit given to Love Your Rabbit and/or Jana Brock, Author. (“Public” in this context refers to This Website’s content which does not require a membership to access or view). If you do share or reshare a blogged article or blog post from This Website, you agree that only public posts and blogs or blogged articles may be shared with full credit given to This Website and/or its authors. In other words, if content you want to share requires membership access to view it, it may not be shared or reshared on your social media or any other place. Membership content (free and paid) can only be viewed by the member who has signed up for the membership level which gives you access to that specific content.
  20. Membership access (free and/or paid) may not be shared by you with any other person. Your login information is only to be used by you. Paid content or membership content is only to be viewed by you.
  21. Disputes are not common on a site like This Website. However, should a valid dispute ever occur which concerns This Website, we mutually agree to do our best to amicably resolve any valid, arising disputes. Disputes arising from lack of results for you or in your life are not considered valid. We agree that results are not guaranteed. We also agree that any and all data, content and information on This Website are presented for informational purposes only.
  22. All sales (including book and course material sales) are final. This Website is unable to offer returns or refunds because of the type of content offered here.
  23. Any purchases made in relation to This Website are non-refundable. This Website will make every effort to conduct business in a mutually fair and ethical manner to ensure a positive and beneficial experience for you. Thank you!


Along with the required Terms of Use/Terms of Service we all must use, this Disclaimer is also necessary in order to maintain a website that offers services or products. It is incorporated herein and by reference, made a part of the Terms of Use/Terms of Service. Again, we would rather not have to bother with legalese, but it is required when accepting the Terms of Use/Terms of Service so that we can continue to provide you with great content and information. With that in mind, here is our have-to-provide-this disclaimer.

This Website and its authors, owners, publishers and accompanying resources/materials have prepared the blog, articles, courses and content to the best of their abilities and have done so with the best of intent to provide educational, awareness and informational content and products and are for entertainment purposes only. This Website makes no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, effectiveness or completeness of the blog or other content of This Website. The information contained in This Website is strictly for educational and informational purposes. Responsibility for taking action on any content or blog information on This Website lies solely with you, as does your choice to apply (or not apply) ideas contained on This Website. We have made every effort to accurately represent our products, website content and courses. There is no guarantee that these techniques or ideas will apply to your life or your situation. Examples, resources or references contained in This Website and articles, blogs and other content are not to be interpreted or viewed as any promise or guarantee of advice or potential for earnings or monetary gain. Earning and success (in any context) potential is entirely dependent upon you as an individual and is not dependent upon This Website or its content, information, blogs or products.

Thank you for being part of our awesome Love Your Rabbit and Author Jana Brock community!

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