How do you handle a domesticated rabbit that has been rescued from a bad living environment? What about one that was found outdoors (likely dumped by his previous owners)? Or a house rabbit that is wandering about your yard foraging for food?

Furry little rabbits, especially those which were abandoned or mistreated, might seem like they need a human to pick them up or even cuddle them. However, this will most often cause them more fear and stress. In truth, rabbits are ground animals. They are most comfortable with all paws on the floor. This is even true of well-socialized rabbits. Like cats, they will come to you on their terms and in their own time. It stands to reason that a new-to-you rabbit needs time to adjust, especially a rescued rabbit.

There are many ways to avoid handling a rescued rabbit. Even crating or placing him in a pet carrier can be done using gates and other items (without bumping the animal, but rather coaxing him into an enclosure). All said, rescued rabbits need some space and time to adjust. If the situation is handled properly, most rabbits, even when a great deal of trauma has occurred, will warm up to new surroundings when their humans are patient, kind and respect what they need.

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