Fur Loss In Rabbits

You come into the room and find large clumps of fur on the floor near your rabbit. This behavior is not typical, so you start to get worried. There may be cause for concern. But then again, fur-pulling or plucking might just be due to something as simple as boredom....

Exercise: Time To Run And Play

Typically, rabbit owners provide some type of a primary living space (cage/crate or enclosure) for their pet. Some allow their rabbits to have free roam of a rabbit-proofed room. Some pet owners even give their rabbits free roam of an entire house, though total...

Happy Rabbit Tip: Indoor Digging Box

Pet rabbits want to dig, chew, push/pull and otherwise rearrange just about everything. Human owners must accept these rabbit habits because they are part of the animal’s base nature. Finding ways to provide your rabbit with safe, natural-for-rabbit activities...

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