Dehydration or Spinal Injury?

Water consumption is one of the many things that must be carefully monitored by pet rabbit owners. If a rabbit stops drinking water, dehydration can occur within hours. From there, things go south quickly. Dehydration symptoms can mimic a spinal injury and confuse...
Rabbit Owner Forums: Avoiding Conflicts

Rabbit Owner Forums: Avoiding Conflicts

A growing number of people choose to avoid scrolling through social media news feeds – and for good reason. As human divisions increase, many of us choose to log in and head straight for the rabbit-owner forums where discussions of interest are occurring 24...

Fur Loss In Rabbits

You come into the room and find large clumps of fur on the floor near your rabbit. This behavior is not typical, so you start to get worried. There may be cause for concern. But then again, fur-pulling or plucking might just be due to something as simple as boredom....

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