Bunny Conversations: Refrigerator Clowns

Bandit: Lila, what is this shiny thing? Lila: It’s a refrigerator. Bandit: Well, there is a black and white bunny in there that keeps looking at me. It’s creeping me out. Lila: Oh, Bandit. You are imagining things. Bandit: Look for yourself. Lila: (She...

Bunny Conversations: Dancing Rabbits

Lila & Bandit: “Oh HEY human mom…” Me: “Hello, Littles. What are you doing?” Lila: “Dancing.” Me: “I did not know rabbits could dance.” Lila: “Yup. We dance. Mostly at night when you are asleep. Bandit...

Bunny Conversations: Bandit Helps Lila

Bandit: “Did you already eat your salad?” Lila: “Most of it.” Bandit: “Where is the rest of it?” Lila: “You scarfed yours down and then took the last piece of parsley right out of my mouth.” Bandit: “Oh yeah, I...

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