Rabbit Bonding: Instead Of A Car Ride

When being introduced to the idea of stress bonding, some rabbit owners are leery because they believe it to be unnecessary. Or, maybe the word “stress” is automatically associated with a negative action. Perhaps calling it “rapid bonding”...

Bond Your Rabbits Safely: Helpful Tips

Please note: Bonding advice and tips can vary greatly depending upon your information source. Some advice is helpful, and some should be ignored entirely due to safety issues or the fact that the source is simply not credible. Due to age, health and other factors,...

Happy Rabbit Tip: Bond With Your Rabbit

Establishing the trust of your new pet rabbit can be difficult, especially if it is a rescued animal that has been neglected, abused or abandoned by its previous owners. Even when the animal comes from a healthy environment, rabbit-human bonding is not something that...

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