Bandit: Lila, what is this shiny thing?
Lila: It’s a refrigerator.
Bandit: Well, there is a black and white bunny in there that keeps looking at me. It’s creeping me out.
Lila: Oh, Bandit. You are imagining things.
Bandit: Look for yourself.
Lila: (She sees her reflection) Oh, my goodness. There is also a rabbit that looks just like me. What is happening here?
Bandit: I don’t know but I hope they’re not clowns!

Lila: I’m sure there is a good explanation. Besides, Huma told us there are no clowns in the house. Remember?

Bandit: They must have found a way inside. I hope they don’t escape from the refrigerator and capture us!

Lila: I don’t think that is possible.
Bandit: It could happen.

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