Feeding Your Rabbit: The Basics

The information on the chart below is not all-inclusive. It aligns closely with basic feeding guidelines of domesticated rabbits, though information sources and opinions can vary. The 5% treat category includes fresh fruit, which can be fed occasionally in very small...

Dehydration or Spinal Injury?

Water consumption is one of the many things that must be carefully monitored by pet rabbit owners. If a rabbit stops drinking water, dehydration can occur within hours. From there, things go south quickly. Dehydration symptoms can mimic a spinal injury and confuse...

Happy Rabbit Tip: Cruciferous Vegetables

Rabbits are herbivores which means they need a strict, plant-based diet. They should not be given foods that were made for humans or other animals. They have a fragile digestive system which needs a lot of course fiber. In fact, most of a rabbit’s daily food...

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