How often have you seen someone take a picture of their rabbit’s litter box and felt sorry for their pet? The animal is forced to step on its own pile of poop and urine-soaked litter. There is a better way. Most rabbits will go potty and then hop out of the litter box without covering it up. The basic (Happy Rabbit Tip) video below shows how you can help your bunny maintain a clean and more sanitary litter box.

Please Note: In the video example below, we are using fir chips (no dust) for primary litter. We do not advise using cedar or pine shavings. Also, add hay to the litter box and keep it refreshed each day. Hay helps keep bunny feet off of his own droppings and urine and also gives him a more natural potty experience. Rabbits love to munch on hay when going potty.

For more information on litter boxes and litter, please CLICK HERE.

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